ACS Boxercise® Coaches

Female coaches

Why would we be promoting female coaches?

Come on this is the 21st century, equality for all and all that! Maybe so, but there are still sections of the community where male coaching for female only classes is unacceptable.

Okay so the answer is to provide a female only coach sensitive to any ethnic observances but with the skills to ensure that the fun and benefits of Boxercise are there for all to enjoy.

So, ACS Boxercise can offer classes run by a female only Boxercise coach.

- same boxercise drills
- same boxing fun
- same boxing fitness
- same benefits
- same expert coaching
... so no downsides then (that's a bit sexist)
... but of course you don't get the chance to punch just that little bit harder when a male is holding the pads!

If you'd like to learn register your interest for ACS Boxercise® classes run by a female instructor then please contact us