ACS Boxercise® for Schools

Kids and exercise

Exercise isn't only good for your child's body; it also helps shape their mind.

With concerns over child fitness and obesity, Boxercise & Boxfit can provide the perfect answer for exercise sessions that are great fun and engaging. Boxercise already features in hundreds of schools in the UK and can help build confidence and self-esteem in under-achieving pupils. ACS Boxercise can supply tailored fun-filled Boxercise/Boxfit sessions to suit KS1 and KS2 groups while for KS3 and onwards we can run sessions geared to more group faced exercise challenges.

We can offer you a price structure and format to suit your schools requirements and guarantee a certificate for all participants at the end of each Boxercise ‘course’ - usually 6 school weeks. Kids Boxercise can provide so much:

Boxercise Physical development

  • Moving with control and balance
  • Development of spatial awareness
  • Utilising a range of gross and fine motor skills
  • More exercise, improved health
  • Improved flexibility
  • Helps improve co-ordination

    Personal and social development

  • Having fun, being motivated
  • Working individually or in pairs, groups and teams
  • Developing co-operation
  • Discipline and respect for others through cooperation
  • All inclusive - special needs children can join in
  • Requires very basic skill set - builds confidence
  • Great stress buster

Equipment requirements

  • Pads and gloves - supplied by ACS Boxercise
  • Existing school equipment like benches, cones etc.

  • We'd love to give your school an opportunity to try a Kids Boxercise class so why not contact us now for more details.